Top 10 Part Time Career Options For School College Students in India

Top 10 work from home Jobs for Students. Part Time Career Options in India.


Before you apply for Indian Govt Job openings for yourself you need to finish your studies with good marks. To support your school or college education properly you may seek part time career options as well.


The cost of schools requires that you seek additional income by work from home in your part time. You can earn income, but of course, don’t forget about your learning activities at school or college. The results of part-time work can be used for school fees and also can be used for their own needs, such as buying school/college educational requirements or for pocket money.


Unfortunately, not all part-time jobs can be done, because some of the factors, like time and location of a job. But, there are lots of options for students in India where they can earn money on a monthly basis constantly without disturbing their studies and educational activities. 


We have listed here 10 such ways where students can make money working part time in an online or off-line work .

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Here are the 10 easy jobs for students that can be performed along with their studies :-


1 . Translators


This activity is one of the best options for a student to earn extra income. Requirement is, of course, a student should be knowing a foreign language of another country, such as English, Japanese.etc. This profession can be done at home without having to go to work.


2 . Tutor


One of the best part time jobs for students is becoming a private tutor or home teacher. For this you would have to have certain skills to get full advantages to earn extra income. The jobs could be :- guitar tutor, Yoga teacher, or teach English, Japanese, Chinese, computers, biology or whatever you can.


3 . Modeling


This part-time job is among the most popular jobs to gain popularity and make more money even while working on a part time basis. But this activity should be supported with more physical attributes and features, such as height and proportional posture and who can do a catwalk with ease and comfort and who have the photogenic face. 


4 . Guard Bookstore


Working in a bookstore is a great part time job for college students and high school students. It usually feels more calm and quite job and will not be a very stressful one for any kind of students. You might even be able to learn when not too busy. Another advantage is that it allows you to adjust a flexible schedule, especially if you work in a bookstore in a campus or school.


5 . Waiter


Being a restaurant or cafe waiter is considerable work to spend time. So, before starting work discuss this with the manager of a restaurant or cafe that you want to work only part- time and need to attend your studies as well. Then choose a flexible schedule so as this not to interfere with your study time. Become a waiter in a restaurant or cafe not only get paid, you can also more earn money through tips for serving other people well and politely.


 6 . Freelancing


If you Love to write, create works of art with the help of computers that suits your hobby, can make money by becoming a freelance writer in the media, blogs, or websites . By becoming a freelance writer, or creating a work of art you can set your own hours, and there are many magazines and websites that pay for articles to fill their web pages.

You might even get your article posted on the local or national media which could result in a permanent job.


7 . Employment Special


You have a special talent like making handmade accessories, carve wood, or making cookies. Every talent has a scope to make money. You can collect items to your crafts at fairs or marketed through social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, so you will earn an additional income.


8 . Authors Ad


If you have a talent that is associated with a phrase or sentence that is attractive to be used as advertisement, you should make this job as a part-time job of your choice. You can collaborate with other members of a team of advertising to create ads for television, radio, print or online media. This profession needs high creativity and imagination powers, as well as the flexibility to earn extra income.


9 . Arts Workers


Being an artist as a singer, disc jockey or music player in the restaurant, cafe or other hangout could generate extra money for school fees or tuition. Of course, this activity can be done outside of school or college.


10 . Sales Promotion


Sales Promotion for an event usually use students as their staff. Of course, this work should be supported with good knowledge about the products or services to be sold or promoted. This kind of a job can be found in newspaper small advertisements or wall pamphlets, etc.

Now you have known some work from home job options for students, so you can think about which job option may be more suitable for yourself.

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